East Tawas to Blind River

We departed Port Austin, which has great facilities by the way, and a very protected harbour, early Monday morn.  Everything started out great…nice winds, clipping along under full sail at about 5 knots SOG….and then the wind died.  Time to motor…..it’s a rather significant crossing to East Tawas, and just no wind to sail.

We arrived in East Tawas to no fanfare, quite unlike our last trip there.  I’m not sure how many of you know the story, but when we sailed Kewalo from Blind River to Windsor, we stopped in East Tawas…..and we had the U.S. Coast guard, the local police, and the state DNR…who carry guns I might add…big guns…all chasing us.  We had inadvertently ventured onto a high powered boat race…yes, high powered as in 120 mph down the back stretch.  We did not know that there were races in the bay, and as we slowly crossed the bay headed to the state docks…..they had to shut the races down while we were chased off the race course…lol…..we were fortunate in that the DNR got to us first, and gently nudged us out of the way, having a good chuckle about the whole mess.  But, enough of the that.

We walked into town….by the way, East Tawas has what must be the longest dock in the world….google earth it and check it out….and Beth was fortunate enough to find a dentist who repaired her tooth.  What a relief!  Toothaches suck!  A crown is in the future…..$$$ ouch.  Maybe we can get that done in Mexico….300 U.S. bucks will get that done, and the folks at the condo we stayed in all had great reviews on dental work done.  We decided to stay two days in East Tawas, it was time for a break and it’s a nice little town with good food and good shopping.  Our dock neighbour loaned us her van to go to Wal Mart to resupply, I wanted to buy a snubber to put on the dinghy line, I had left ours at home somehow….and we needed some food replenishing.  What a great person Gay is….she rescues dogs…and apparently people as well, because it really rained while we were in Wal Mart, and we would have been soaked right through.
14 E day East Tawas rainbow 3
We left East Tawas and headed to Harrisville….yup, another motor sail.  The wind gods are overlooking us this year.  We met all the boats that had passed us in the St. Clair river, heading back down the lake having completed the Port Huron to Mackinac race.  It was a pretty sight to see.  The winds picked up huge when we were about 10 miles from Harrisville…and they were right on the nose….geesh!  But, we arrived safe and sound, and Beth is doing so much better with her motion thing….the ear plug, ginger candies and forced labour on a pitching and yawing small sailboat seems to be working<grin>  We bountied up on our “liquor” supply here, town is a nice little walk away…and I prepped the pork chops for dinner.  I warmed up the grill…..and promptly dropped one of the chops in the drink…so….time to split a chop.  I can now testify as to how quickly old dead pig sinks to the bottom of a lake.

Sunset At Presque Isle

Sunset At Presque Isle

Harrisville to Pres Q’ile, and we actually sailed for 3 hours…another day the wind gods forgot about us.  Pres Q’ile is one of my favorite harbours, deep, clean well kept.  A restaurant right at the foot of the docks…don’t order the prime rib……and a great jump off point to the north channel.   Some good history with old light houses and such.

Sunrise leaving Presque Isle - just like glass

Sunrise leaving Presque Isle – just like glass

26 Leaving Presque Isle  to cross the big water  Sunrise - love the colours

Sunrise – love the colours

We were up at the crack of dawn, and headed north.  No wind…nada….nothing, the entire crossing.  12 hours of the engine droning….flat lake…which by the way, I am not complaining about, much better than our last crossing 3 years ago.

watercolour of Kewalo -painted by Reg - a previous owner

watercolour of Kewalo -painted by Reg – a previous owner

30 Blind River Office Picture of Kewalo
Blind River marina is not what it used to be.  The docks are showing disrepair, the fuel pumps are all tore apart, the washrooms were not clean, the shower area…only a couple of the showers work……and if it hadn’t been for the restaurant in the complex staff doing clean up…we would not have had a key to get in for a shower.  The marina staff girl left….we hadn’t signed in or anything.  There is not much water in here….5’…..and not very many boats.  I am hoping we can get a pump out, but I rather doubt that will happen either.  Disappointing to say the least.

Looks like we’ll be here a couple of days before venturing off to begin our anchoring vacation….spend some time with friends and family, get some fishing in…….busy times.  Computer is about to sign off, battery dying….more later.


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