Written In The Sand At Low Tide

Just when you think you have all your ducks in a row….

Our plans to get to the “new” boat have changed for a second time. First we thought we’d come home from The North Channel, collect our stuff in the car in a couple of days, and travel on down south. No, ….we can’t  be in the states too many days. So, we have visited with as many friends as we could fit in, packed and repacked, and made  arrangements to have the boat ready for our arrival.

One of those arrangements involved “splashing” (putting it back in the water) on the Friday when we arrived. Three weeks ago Randy set it all up for noonish. A week before we are supposed to be there, he called to confirm that everything was ready to go.

Back in the water after the survey.

Back in the water after the survey.

Oh,? What? Wait? We aren’t putting boats in the water on Fridays any more.

Thanks for the heads up, great customer service. Grrrr.

So, change of plans number two, we are leaving a day early.

Port Side

Port Side

Starboard side

Starboard side




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