Launch Time…..finally


We spent the night in Montgomery, Alabama, and enjoyed a restful night at the Hampton Inn.  After enjoying a nice breakfast, off we headed for Pensacola.  We arrived at Bahia Mar marina about 11:00 local time, and the final coat of bottom paint had just been applied to Moorahme where a small repair had been done.  The travel lift had ripped off a small area of barrier coating and bottom paint, and the marina had done the repairs.
Keith arrived a short time later, and we checked out the bottom repair, and hopped on to have a look at the repairs Keith and a friend of his had completed as per the survey.  Great job, we’re happy with the results.  Now, to wait for “high tide” at the marina, and get her splashed.  There is only about a foot of tide, but it does make a difference at the launch.


In the sling

In the sling

on the way down

on the way down

And she's in

And she’s in

Once she was in the water, we did a quick check of the thru hulls, all was good.  Time to put the backstay back together, the travel lift was not large enough to accommodate having the backstay in place to lift her in and out.

Attaching the back stay

Attaching the back stay

Once that was completed, Keith showed us through some of the systems, and then Beth and I began to load our belongings on.  Beth took out 7 marina wagon loads of worldly goods out of our car…..there sure wasn’t room for anymore than we had in her.

Full car - backseat

Full car – backseat

The trunk - not an inch to spare

The trunk – not an inch to spare

The next day, Friday, Keith and Linda came back to the boat, and we prepared to head to the marina where we’ll be staying for the next while.  Palafox pier and docks is a very nice marina, and our 47 foot sailboat looks small compared to the other yachts in this marina.
I successfully docked her at the fuel dock, nice and gentle, we filled the fuel tanks, and Lance, the dock attendant, assigned us a dock position.  I then backed her into the dock nice and gentle, and to be quite honest, I was very pleased with the way she steered and handled, and let out a big sigh of relief once she was tied up.

Captain Randy at the helm for the first time

Captain Randy at the helm for the first time

The Captain Morgan stance ??

The Captain Morgan stance ??

One small issue, the engine would not shut down with the kill button. I shut the fuel off manually at the engine, and  then we all went to work, Beth organizing our things, and Keith and I troubleshot the air conditioning issue, which ended up being a partially, well, almost totally blocked exit thru hull, installed the foresail and halyards, got the dink down and prepped to go and off we went to West Marine.  Time for new life jackets with built in harnesses, some various parts, I had discovered a bad valve in the air conditioning cooling water line, and ordered a new 3000 watt invertor and magma nesting pots for the galley.  Man, what a busy day.  Keith and Linda are just absolutely the best, without their help and guidance, things would have taken me a whole lot longer to figure out.  We just can’t thank them enough.
Saturday, we visited the Seafood festival in downtown Pensacola, and then returned to Moorahme.  Beth continued putting away clothes, organizing the galley etc., and I troubleshot the kill button issue which turned out to be a power supply issue, and then washed the boat, a quick wash I might add, because my ankle is complaining quite loudly that enough is enough for today.

So, it’s shower time, and then off to dinner with Keith and Linda at one of their favorite restaurants….and of course it’s seafood!

Tomorrow, time to stock up the galley, the wine Bunkie, and try to carry on as if we’re normal!


3 thoughts on “Launch Time…..finally

  1. Randy, Beth,

    We were at the Fish House having dinner with my daughter and her mom and step-dad. Lots of people and music for the Seafood Festival. There were a lot of boats docked there but have no idea what marina it was. I know you are having fun…getting her ready, etc. Enjoy!



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