Blue crab… On the Barbie or Alabama boiled….


Hot off the BBQ

Hot off the BBQ

We have had the good fortune of meeting a couple of Crimson Tide type folks who have just completed their first day of sailing lessons, and with a goal much the same as ours…to live on a sailboat. Caroline and Aaron live in nearby Daphne, Alabama, and invited us over to their home for a home cooked blue crab dinner. Our friend Jeff from Lousiana says you never get full eating blue crab, you either get drunk or too tired to keep eating them. LOL! We arrived in Daphne at the appointed time, and were immediately greeted by Rebel, a black lab mix pup who would fetch her ugly little pig toy until the cows came home, and Candy, a cute little white dog who is very obviously the boss.

Aaron already had the wood fired barbeque smoking away, and after some refreshments, it is hot down here you know, one has to keep their fluid levels up, Aaron put some blue crab on the barbeque for appetizers, and fired up the boiler for the remainder. After brushing on a home made mix of special not tell anyone else, keep this to yourself, but minced fresh garlic, butter, old bay spice and margarine, the crab were left to sizzle and pop until ready to be mowed down in true northern fashion…er…southern I mean. Caroline commenced to show us how to eat this little pieces of heaven, and eat them we did! Aaron maintained a constant vigil on the cauldron of crab boil….taking just a short break to enjoy some barbequed crab. OMG…..@@ were those crab something else! Sweet tasting meat…well, that just does not describe the flavour of freshly picked..caught…er fished blue crab. But, the best was yet to come.

Blue crab - caught fresh this morning

Blue crab – caught fresh this morning

Done cookin'

Done cookin’

When the blue crab came out of that pot, now red, and hot….and Aaron brought out his homemade potato salad….well, words just will not describe the flavours, aromas and general ambiance of the dinner table. Was it like…ummmm, the fireside dinner scene in Blazing saddles…hell no… an upper class formal meal of snots and classes, hell no…it was just the best home made meal I have ever had! I was not drunk, I was not tired…and I sure was not full, but the meal just sat at the right spot…the sweet spot! And then…the tuna was there…cooked to perfection, and dipped in a soya-wasabi mix……I honestly have not ever in my life enjoyed a meal so much. To hell with steak, pork and chicken, bring on that seafood!

It was a long 55 minute drive back to the boat…but one that we will surely make again! We have committed to taking Aaron and Caroline out sailing..that should be enough to terrify and scar them for the rest of their lives.

So, yesterday was spent furthering inside duties, and today we did the laundry, and visited Joe Pattis…google that name..the seafood is local, and fresh, and they will cook it for you, tell you how to cook it, whatever you want. We learned today to go in the early morning, by lunch time there is a line up like no tomorrow, this afternoon there were 5 cashiers open taking money…..and they are good at it! Not that the prices are out of line at all, very fair for the quality of the product.

I have noticed a recurring theme…food…sea food…sea food and eat it…..and yet…my clothes still seem to fit the same..sort of. This retirement thing…on a boat…with new foods to taste, sample, enjoy….mow down on like there is not tomorrow….

I have been trying to contact a local refrigeration guy for 4 days now to have ours looked at…it just is not quite cutting it…and we are also waiting for an estimate on a full enclosre….it is very much like island time down here it seems…..whatever island time is……..

As a side note, our congratulations to Anna DeLuca, who is on the front page of this weeks Canadian Tire flyer! Tony would be so proud, as I am sure Suzee is as well.

The navy jets are flying right past the stern of our boat on their way to landing at the naval base…what a treat to watch these lucky jocks doing their thing.

So, enough for now, more updates to follow! I sincerely appreciate you tagging along with us, as does Beth, who is just thrilled every time someone else hits the follow button and hooks up with my written orations.



4 thoughts on “Blue crab… On the Barbie or Alabama boiled….

  1. It was great having you over! Next time we’ll do flamin’ oysters-yum!!!! Can’t wait to go sailing with you on your beautiful boat- Aaron has such boat envy 🙂
    We’re off for another day is sailing lessons. I’m looking forward to your next blog.


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