An couple of nice afternoon Sails -Little Sabine and Pensacola Bay

It is very warm here once again, I had to close up Moorahme and turn on the air conditioning last night, it was just too warm to sleep, at least for me.

What have we been up to the last few days you might wonder…well, another trip to Joe Pattis for more royal red shrimp, and some fresh grouper…done up nicely on the grill.  Visited a very nice wine shop in a fruitless quest for Turley wine, or Ridge…perhaps they can order it, they said they would get back to us… far, no call.  Island time mon.

We visited the local Publix grocery store, nice, clean, somewhat pricey.  A nice selection of beer and wine….the way it should be in Ontario!  Beth found a large bottle of Kraken rum in the high end liquor store that Publix has next to the grocery store, and there were actually some very nice wines in there as well.  I picked up a nice white and a new to us Cabernet Sauvignon to try at a later date.

We sailed the day before yesterday around the bay, and over to a totally protected harbour called Little Sabine.  The channel is very well marked, and shallow.  It is a dredged channel, and will be a great place for us to anchor out next month.  We are paid up here until the end of the month, and next month we plan on anchoring out and exploring a lot more.  On the way back out of LIttle Sabine, we bumped across a shallow spot….a first time ever event for us.  Quite gut wrenching I might add….but…sand bottom=not big deal.  Local knowledge can so very useful at times like this!

Skinny channel into Little Sabine Bay

Skinny channel into Little Sabine Bay

We were sailing slowly along, not much wind, and Beth quite excitedly says….SHARK! Over there!  SHARK!  I look over and sure enough, a shark fin about a hundred yards from us…..doo doo……dooo dooo…remember the music from Jaws????  Yup, that’s the tune….it was screaming in my ears<grin>.  It swam away, or we sailed away, or maybe a little bit of both.  I suggested to Beth if she wanted a close up that she should splash her legs in the water off the swim platform….after very little consideration her reply was that I might as well do that, especially since I am the one with a bum ankle…LOL!  Some time later we came across at least 10 dolphins swimming in the warm waters of the bay, not close enough for great pictures, but we could easily see them surfacing and generally having what appeared to be a good time.  One of these days, we will great some great close up shots I am sure.

Dophins out in the bay

Dophins out in the bay

As those of you who have been following the blog, we are having issues with our refrigeration.  Our broker, who is a very knowledgeable fellow, told us that some systems run better off of the engine than they do on shore power.  So, today we’ll head out and try that, see if it works for us.  We have our fingers crossed, as getting a refrigeration tech down to the boat has become somewhat of a farce, that “island time” thing I guess……a call back would be nice.

Coastal Canvas, a local canvas company was by to give us an estimate on a new full enclosure…this spring we forked out 4200 Canadian bucks for a screened in full enclosure on Kewalo..not a full plastic set up.  The estimate from Tony is more than double that for Moorahme……she has such expensive tastes!  We’ll go and visit him tomorrow and iron out some details.  Pics of other work they have done has shown us that they do very nice work.

So, tumble check time down below, and off we go for a motor sail to see how the refrigeration reacts.  It is supposed to hit almost 80F here today…..partly cloudy, some cumulo nimbus clouds around, but we should be ok for today at least as far as t’storms go.

Well, we had a great sail today.  The foresail finally came through the gap between it and the staysail all on it’s own, it looks like the Grunnert refrigeration likes to run off of the engine much better than the shore power, I quite nicely was able to back into our dock today, we were running at 5.7 knots in 13knots apparent wind with just the foresail up…the sun was shining, the thunderstorms stayed away from us….how could it be any better?

After sailing for about six hours today, all was good.  As mentioned above, we have discovered more on how Moorahme likes to run, and it really was a nice day.  I successfully calibrated the st60 wind instrument so that the wind direction is almost 100% dead on, the refrigeration appears to be much better on  12 volt power…a whole list of plus factors.

When we returned to the dock, I backed in first try, woohoooo, and we set Moorahme back up on the dock, shore power, close the hatches, fire up the air conditioning, heck, it’s only 85 degrees below…..

toward Little Sabine

A very nice dinner of pork chops…by the way, Ontario’s pork has the pork we purchased here beat all to hell, much sweeter, better texture…all round better tasting. Coupled with some potato salad and a spinach salad side, one heck of a tasty dinner.  Some internet time, wash the stern of Moorahme to wash off the salt, life is good.

Then….oh oh…the air conditioner is making a funny noise…and the air isn’t so cool any longer.  Hmmm, no water coming out of the thru hull on the exit side….time to shut it down.  I started tearing apart the water line feeding the cooling side of the air conditioner.  No water at the pump…hmmmm, no water at the valve I had just replaced last week…hmmmmmmmm, interesting.  No water going to the electric head forward…this is not good.

So, I decided it was time to tear apart all of the plumbing on this thru hull, which feeds the air conditioner, the forward head, and the wash down pump forward.  This is not good……1982 vintage plumbing….oh boy.  I closed the thru hull, and disassembled all of the plumbing at the thru hull so that I could remove the fittings to have a good look at the thru hull.  The header appeared quite clean…..a few barnacles, some other miscellaneous big deal.  Now, to open the thru hull.  Nothing…nada…now water, which should have been gushing thru like old faithful.  I took a closer look…and lo and behold, the valve is plugged solid with jelly, gelatin, guck, yuck and tentacles…..a dang jellyfish was blocking the thru hull!  It must have got sucked into the thru hull by the air conditioning pump.  Wonderful!

2 Jellyfish - one's headed for the bottom

2 Jellyfish – one’s headed for the bottom

We use a piece of wood dowelling to check the fuel tank levels on Moorahme.  So, Beth brought that over to me, and I began to rod out the dead jellyfish.  No easy task….you would have had to see it to believe it.  I am still shaking my head.  I finally clear the goopy mess of dead critter… all of the piping, and re-open the thru hull.  Beth started the air unit back up…still no cooling water going through the system.  So, I slowly remove the cap on the suction pump to re-prime the system, and away it went!  Ordeal over…now to clean up the goopy mess without getting stung.  Wads of paper towel, thank you Kimberly Clark wood products division, some latex this isn’t where the story goes south, we have a pg audience here<grin>  A full grocery bag of sopping wet, gelatined paper towels later, and it’s time to cork up the update, have a shot of Kraken rum and pepsi, and cool off.

So….we all know that there are going to be a world, a ton of “firsts” while we adapt to this lifestyle….but a jellyfish blocking a thru hull???

3 thoughts on “An couple of nice afternoon Sails -Little Sabine and Pensacola Bay

  1. Wow! What a great story. Happy you found your problem so quickly. Sounds like a lot of fun. Yuck
    Anyway…keep the stories coming. We are having Thanksgiving dinner today, so I will wish you both happy Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for in our lives.
    Love to both.


  2. cool blog. works great. thanks bro. the more things change the more they remain the same.
    you have to work for your fun.
    be safe have fun. see you in dec.

    love mitch & denise


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