Getting Ready to Cruise

Moorahme, (which will be our boat’s name, once she is fully registered in Canada federally) is a 1982 Sparkman Stephens designed center cockpit cutter rigged 47 foot sailboat.  She has a registered net tonnage of 20.37 tonnes I believe, give or take a pound or two.  She has a 6′ draft, and her mast height is 65 feet plus instruments.  She carries laminate sails, has a factory hard dodger and is currently being re-fitted with a full enclosure to keep us warm, dry and happy in the cockpit.  She has 3 staterooms, although we mainly use the 3rd cabin as our “garage”, storing the tools, spare parts and spinnaker, two heads, currently only one has a shower set up, and there is a shower set up on the stern, as well as a fresh water wash down system near the bow.  She carries a 100 hp Yanmar turbo with a nice folding prop, a 5kw generator, two Shell solar panels and a wind generator.  She has a Spectra watermaker so that we can convert salt water to fresh water, a freezer and refrigerator, if we can ever get the system serviced, it needs a R-12 charge, so we have been using a lot of ice since we got here.

There is a 33 kilogram Rocna anchor, an oversized windlass and ample chain to anchor out most anywhere.

Anchor windless

Anchor windless

Wind, Solar, Radar and Dinghy on the Arch

Wind, Solar, Radar and Dinghy on the Arch

wind, solar and radar

wind, solar and radar

The stern arch carries not only the gps antennae, the solar panels and wind generator, but the dinghy (a 10 foot Avon hard bottom) with a 9.9 Yamaha two stroke outboard as well.  There is an awesome swim platform off the stern, which makes access so much better for both Beth and I, but especially me with my gimp leg.  She has a 20,000 btu air conditioning and heating unit, Lavac electric toilets.  So….one would think that with all of these appointments, that we should be able to just sail away so to speak.  Well, it doesn’t quite work like that.  I ordered Racor diesel filters with a vacuum gauge today which should hopefully be installed on Friday of this week.  We have also ordered the new enclosure, a Xantrex 3000 power invertor with a built in 150 amp 3 stage battery charger, the invertor converts the battery power to 110 type power.  We replaced the worn out water pump, and ordered a spare today as well, and a spare electric poop pump…..once we do get out cruising, parts are not always easily found.  I will also be ordering a spare alternator for the Yanmar engine, and a few other bits and pieces.

Tony insaling the "glass" on the dodger

Tony insaling the “glass” on the dodger

The point of all this is….when someone tells you that you will spend another 30% of your purchase priced getting your boat ready for you…they are telling you the truth.  It will run pretty close to that.  It really is not much different from purchasing a new home and installing hardware floors, updating the kitchen and bathroom, or paving the driveway.   Really, a small price to pay for sunshine and warm weather.

Being in the sunshine and warm weather does not exempt you from illness.  I have been fighting a losing battle, so far at least, with a miserable chest cold.  It is very similar to the one I had this past January….the one where Beth and her sister Cheryl had to finally perform an exorcism to rid me of it…not saying they are witches or anything like that…but my cold was gone the next day<grin>

We are fortunate to have our car with us, it makes restocking the frige and obtaining parts needed right away so much easier.  We will probably be purchasing bicycles when we become official cruisers, then we can pedal our asses all over the towns we will be visiting.

A fella asked me yesterday what I miss most while being on the boat…I had to say that family functions would be the number one issue.  Although with today’s technology we are a phone call or e-mail away, attending the family functions is number one, getting together with our friends, whether hauling out a boat, enjoying a quiet dinner or night on town would be next.  After that, I’m not sure….he said he was contemplating purchasing a sailboat and heading out.  My response was don’t wait, do it now.  Life is too short to wait, and can throw some twists and turns at you when you least expect them…so do it, and do it now.  Don’t wait, we’re having way too much fun.

Keep your stick on the ice.


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