Rib eye

Piggly Wiggly…yes, say it again….Piggly Wiggly.  Supermarket, grocery store, provisioning store.  Call it what you want to, but there just isn’t a Piggly Wiggly where we come from.

It's just so much fun to say

It’s just so much fun to say

Rib Eye steaks, nice ones, not 3rd class meat, $6.18 lb., an inch and half thick, beautiful marbling…..am I making you hungry yet?  Sure wish I had one of two things….either my charcoal bbq, or my new burner for the propane bbq on the boat, which is s’posed to be shipped to us from somewhere in the bowels of British Columbia, Dickinson Marine bbq’s, sometime tomorrow, five day expedited delivery.  I’m holding my breath…we’re out of here on the 21st and back to Pensacola.
Piggly Wiggly has an awesome meat department, followed closely by an awesome dairy department…but both are totally overshadowed by the store brewed and bottled beer(Walkerville breweries hold your breath) and a wine department second to none.  They actually carry Ridge Zins, and can order in Turley Zins as well….wish we were here for another two weeks, we’d be loading up on Turley!
It is cold here now, 5C all day, dropping to 1C or thereabouts tonight and tomorrow night.  WTF?  REALLY!  WTF?  November?  Geeesh!
Beth and I had a cold, rain day today, and decided to hit the Tanger Outlet Mall in Foley, Alabama.  A short drive away, with a great restaurant, Lambert’s Cafe, Home of the Throwed Roll.  Yes, that’s right, the “throwed roll”.  They throw the dinner rolls at you, fresh out of the oven, from anywhere on the restaurant floor.  And take it from me, they are HOT!  The young fella could pitch for the Tigers, he has a dead on toss!  You get 2 sides with most meals, and then there are the “passarounds” which included fried potatoes and onions, macaroni and tomato, boiled cabbage….all you could eat!  And eat…and eat!  Coffee and hot chocolate in thermal mugs the size of a watermelon.  The food was awesome, I brought home half a chicken that puts KFC totally to shame, and Beth had the chicken pot pie….way too much food.  No wonder people are so obese!  Just a general observation, not a critical statement.<grin>
Last night, we joined our friends from Texas at Ginny Lane’s for dinner, and most of us ordered the 10 oz Prime Rib for $14.95, which came with potatoes and green beans…and a FREE martini.  The banana martini’s are to die for, but I gave mine to Beth and had a nice glass of red zin wine.  They are a fun bunch to hang with….and saying “y’all” is really hard not to do when with them, eh?
Our boat has reverse cycle air conditioning and heat, thank goodness.  But knowing that we would someday head north with her, we had ensured she had heat.  It is cold outside!  Speaking of cold, the refrigeration guy says he will be back tomorrow…hmmm, tomorrow….not sure exactly what “tomorrow” means down this way where they are on “island time mon”, but he says he will be here tomorrow a.m. and install mp66 refrigerant in our system and have us on our way, with an instructional class included on how to recharge the system.  Says he will even throw in an old set of gauges to troubleshoot the system….tomorrow.  Tomorrow….ahuh.  Tomorrow.  I’ll let you know how that turns out.
Yesterday Beth and I watched a Manatee swim up current on the GICW, and of course the dolphins put on their usual show about an hour before dark.  I have kept close correspondence with our good friend Jim from Onekemaw, Michigan, to ensure that beer thirty does not go unobserved, and he has assured me that he has added additional nails into his kidney coffin the past few days and is blaming that scenario on his company from Michigan the last few days.  Beer thirty, five o’clock somewhere, boats, water….are you getting the picture?<GRIN>
Alright, enough blithering/blathering on….winds tonight are to hit 25 knots or better, and the bottle of Red Zinfandel from the Marietta Vineyard in Sonoma California, 2011 vintage, has completed it’s job.
Mmm, wine

Mmm, wine

Just enough left for breakfast in the a.m……no, no , just kidding!<grin>  It is a very, very nice wine! $20 U.S. dollars, so about 990,000k in Canada.  So just take my word for it, it really is nice…unless you are one of our U.S. blog followers….you can go and get it, but hurry, it’s that good.

Keep your stick on the ice!
Note from Beth:
I’m starting to think we should call this blog “Food, friends and fixes “ 
Also somewhere in this time frame we joined Aaron & Caroline and there friends  for more lovely food – oysters, gumbo, crawfish bread. And I took pictures of the oysters and the preparation- aw shucks 






Harley and Raster

Harley and Raster


2 thoughts on “Rib eye

  1. I used to deliver produce to Piggly Wiggly years ago. Susan called it piggy wiggy’s. Yes it is fun to say.
    Cold up here also but at least it feels like hockey weather now.
    I try to keep my stick on the ice but it is usually between the other players legs

    Mike Dibbley
    sv Grape Ape


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