Getting Ready to move on

Beth’s Note: WiFi has been giving me grief about getting these posts in – sorry, there are two combined here and a terrible lack of photos.
Well, the laundry is done and hanging on the safety rails to dry, the boat is washed, the “garage” cleaned as well, time for another Moorahme update.This next week should prove to be very busy.  The canvas folks are hopefully going to complete the full enclosure, the repair guy is going to install the Racor fuel filters and update the 50 amp service wiring, Beth is going to pre cook some food for our upcoming trip…trip you ask, what trip?Well, it’s time to move on.  Really.  We have been here in the Panhandle long enough.  There was frost on the building roofs again this morning, ice in the bottom of the dinghy.  That means…..time to MOVE ON!  It’s cold here, and there is warmer weather south.  So, let’s head south!  As soon as the work is completed on Moorahme, and my little projects are completed, we’ll begin our move.  But not on a Friday..oh no, bad luck to leave on a Friday, King Neptune doesn’t like that.  So, it’s either Thursday or Saturday.We hope to gain a weather window which will allow us to sail straight through to Burnt Store Marina in Charlotte Harbour.  We are looking at just over 2 full days non stop.  This would be our first overnight sailing, which in itself is quite exciting.  A friend that we met in Daphne, Stanley Posey, has offered to make the run with is.  Stanley is a U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain, and has a ton of experience on power boats.  Great of him to make the offer!

So, where are we on refrigeration?

Randy and Mark Working on the Refrigeration

Randy and Mark Working on the Refrigeration

It is working fine, we run it for about two hours or less per day, half in the morning, and then in the evening.  If we have a beautiful sunny day such as we are having today, the two 110 watt Shell solar panels provide us with sufficient power to run the refrigeration, and the fresh water pump for the washing machine without draining the house batteries.  In fact, we were running at 5 amps just before noon today.  Love the “free” power!  Our issues with the oven not staying lit are passed us now, Google is my best friend..well, second to Keith!

I inspected the “jack lines” today. What are jack lines you ask?  They are straps that run from the bow of the boat to the stern, and they provide a safety tie in to the boat.  You hook your tether, which is a short safety line, usually about six feet long, from your life jacket harness to the tether when you have to leave the cockpit and go up on deck.  This “tie off” will help to prevent a person from going overboard at an inopportune time, such as at night.  I inspected the straps stitching and general integrity to ensure that they look good to use, and they are.  We have also purchased two PLB’s, or Personal Locator Beacons, which we will wear on our lifejackets.  In the event of a disaster, or falling overboard, these PLB’s can be activated and they notify the search and rescue authorities that you are in trouble.  Most boats have one, but Beth and I decided that we would like to each have our own PLB in the event that something would happen and we get separated.

So, back to my favourite topic…food!  Beth is planning on prepping ahead her home made macaroni and cheese, home made soup, pre bake some potatoes and a steak so that we can have refried potatoes, steak, bacon and onions for a meal as well.  Supplement that with sandwiches, fruits and desserts…and of course some energy drinks for me….and we’ll be good to go!  I’m getting hungry just thinking of all that good food!

Mark the refrigeration technician showed me how to recharge a Freon system, and I found some MP-66 refrigerant in Orlando on e-bay.  I was lucky enough to win the auction, and I purchased a 26.5 lb. bottle of Freon for $100.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  When we repaired the refrigeration, we used 4 lbs. of Freon to get things back in working order, after sealing up the leak….just a loose fitting that you had to be a contortionist to tighten up.  Bleeding knuckles?  LOL….I could write a book.

Our Canadian registration has been completed, and hopefully Beth’s daughter Courtney will be scanning and sending us a copy any day now.  Then, it’s time for a “re-naming ceremony” which involves copious amounts of liquor for Neptune, Poseidon, and any other water God who wants some.  And of course, there will be some for us to consume as well, with as many of our friends attending as well!  I’ll let you know how that goes<grin>.

Max, Donna and Max’s daughter Melissa paid us a visit last week, and we had a GREAT visit.  It was really nice to sit down, force feed them with beer, fresh boiled shrimp, crab salad and chips, peppers stuffed and pickled with prosciutto and provolone, and a few other items.  Makes a person just a tad home sick..maybe.  Then, when you look at the weather back home….and the feeling goes away pretty quick.

Taquilla !

Taquilla !

Henry the Heron still comes around, but I think it’s time he and I have a little chat.  Henry really likes our boat, and enjoys sitting on it…and shitting on it….and maybe not in that order.  I have no issue whatsoever with him performing that act on the dock, I don’t mind hosing the docks…but not on our boat!  We will be having that conversation very soon! LOL!

Beth is once again not feeling well, appears to be a trip down memory lane from this past winter.  The old sinus infection issue has returned, and it’s not nice.  If she isn’t feeling better soon, it will be time to visit an emergency care office and get some drugs…woohoo!  Drugs!  Ooops, got a little carried away there.  Thank goodness Windsor Salt has the retirement package that it has, and we have healthcare coverage here in the U.S.

So, that’s a “quick” update for now.  I’ll tell you about our Thanksgiving meals on the next update…..deep fried turkey….flaming oysters…..and the list goes on!

Keep your stick on the ice!

Today is the Floor eeee dah weather one expects…, 77 degrees F or so, sunny, no clouds!  I am sitting here in the  cockpit of the boat writing this blog, wishing all of our updating was complete, the next few days are showing a perfect weather window.  The winds are from the north east, 10 to 15 knots…remember, a knot is 1.2 miles per hour.  The wave height out in the Gulf of Mexico from here down to the Ft. Myers area is about 2 feet…..Moorahme would be sailing right along in those conditions, we would easily be busting 6 knots or better speed over ground…..or SOG.  This would make it ideal for a straight through trip lasting about 53 or so hours to get to Burnt Store Marina….you really should look up their site, over 500 boat slips!  And a 7′ channel at high tide to get in there….key words being at high tide….so we will be waiting for a rising or high tide to both arrive and depart this particular marina.  Here is a link for you night we were fortunate enough to visit a couple of sailors from Mississippi.  They own the Tayana 52 located 4 slips down from us.  She is a 1983 model, so younger than Moorahme, and the hull is a beautiful dark blue with gold and white striping at the waterline.  She has a 15’8″ beam according to the owners, and a 6’8″ draft.  The mast height is 70 feet, a true blue water cruiser.  She is an aft cockpit version, so you control the boat from the very back end, unlike ours where you are more centered in the boat.  All lines are led aft to the cockpit so that you can control everything without leaving the cockpit.  Very, very nice set up.Looking across the fairway here at the marina, Dana, the fellow who traded in his Cobia 52 valued at  1.3 million dollars u.s. for a Hatteras GT 70……the new Sportfisher, brand new, has twin 1900 hp Cat engines, a pretty blue hull and the tuna tower is over 3 stories off the water…approximate value about 4 million u.s. dollars.  It has a top end of 45 knots SOG….so multiply 45 x 1.2 to get the mph top end, and while doing so burns 200 gallons per hour of fuel.  It is fast, very, very fast and very, very good looking.  If my memory serves me correctly, I already have alluded to the Grand Banks 59 that we toured in Orange Beach….a 2007 model, with more electronics and gadgets than we paid for Moorahme.  It carries enough fuel to travel 2000 miles according to it’s owner named Neil.   I really do think that the boating industry is NOT hurting at all here in the Florida Panhandle.Here’s a link to the Hatteras GT70          

Here’s a link to the Grand Banks 59        

Joe Patti’s….I have spoken about this awesome fresh seafood palace…or as I like to refer to it…a large, black hole that sucks you in, takes your money, and spits you out, only to have the same thing happen again, totally, in a few days time, and you are just so happy to have been there.  Another “quick” visit there today, Beth and I will be enjoying fresh royal red shrimp, the largest they have, and a nice tuna steak.  At least, if Beth is feeling better she will….I’m hoping that the fresh seafood will help her to het over the sinus attack she is suffering through….funny how a man thinks is it not?

Speaking of black holes…..I also visited West Marine today, and ordered the Maptech Chartkit for Western Florida and the Keys.  Paper charts are invaluable when navigating, and these charts, which are a brand new release last week, also come with a disc to install in your computer…I’ll let you know how that works out.  We all know how technically challenged……………
I had tried to go online and order the same during their Black Friday sale, but was unable to get through on the site…but they are going to honor the Black Friday sale price for the old guy…that’s me……how nice of them to do so.  The charts are 129.99 u.s., or almost a half million Canadian these days with our dollar sinking as it is.  I googled “lead balloon” and guess what came up?  Yup….it sure did.

Aaron and Caroline and Harley put out an absolutely fantastic meal on Thanksgiving.  Deep fried turkeys, oyster dressing, flaming oysters, and a variety of side dishes fit for a king.  What a great bunch of people!  Aaron and his son in law were to go out wild boar hunting the next morning, so we didn’t stay too late.  It was a bit of a ride home with our overstuffed bellies and fond memories.

So, enough pontificating for today, time to hang out the last load of laundry for the day.

Keep your stick on the ice!



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