Home for the Holidays

We arrived back in Windsor, Ontario Canada over a week ago. It was largely an uneventful trip, traffic moved well, we had a nice hotel room just north of Cincinnati, the car, as usual, ran like a monster! Awesome.

So…are we home? Or are we away from home? Hmmmmm. Good question.

Nice new siding

Nice new siding

Our bed sure is comfy, the house looks fantastic with it’s new siding and window caps, it’s nice to have a dishwasher again….but it’s not Moorahme. Yes, we now have a much larger garage, in fact we can fit a car in there, unlike the garage on Moorahme where I shuffle things around to place a case of bottled water. We also have a basement…the basement on Moorahme is a touch on the wet side. We have 3 bedrooms, same as Moorahme, but only one bathroom here…but it’s tiled, not plastic lined. We don’t have to wait in line to use the head on Moorahme…here we time our visits. Ok, too much information, but I think you’re getting my drift.

Front porch decorations

Front porch decorations

It has turned cold here, started snowing a tad late yesterday. It is really warm in Florida…..I’m not going to talk about this subject any longer…<grin>

We stopped in at the Port of Detroit office to apply for a U.S. cruising permit on Monday….a what? A U.S. cruising permit. I’ve been here six years the officer stated, and I’ve never heard of that…have you Dolores? Nope, not me she says. You have a Nexxus card? Yes, we both do, but we would like to have a U.S. cruising permit…..could you perhaps google it and go from there? So, the officer googles U.S. cruising permit and says, well, look here, there’s a U.S. cruising permit…we don’t do that here. Not here she says…maybe the tunnel office, I’ll look up the phone # for you. So….we get the phone # for the tunnel office, and thanking the two now informed CBP officers, we leave. I try the # for the tunnel office..and go through the teleprompting…..and get no answer. No further ahead. We will try again in Florida I guess. Geesh!

Speaking of the car….it is a 2011 Infiniti G37x, fully loaded 4 door sedan. It is a bluish-grey color, has brand new tires on it, and only has about 83,000 k’s on it at present. It is an awesome car, does everything but wipe your nose. The lease is up in June of 2015, and the buy out on it is about 19,800 Canadian dollars. We will not be buying this car. So…if anyone is looking for a new to your automobile, this is a good deal. Right now here in Windsor, the local dealer has one listed at 30,000 dollars, but with less mileage.

Beth, Courtney and Sean put the Christmas tree up and decorated it the day after we got home, it looks great!

Christmas tree 2014

Christmas tree 2014

We were fortunate in that Rob was home and we were able to include him in the dressing of the tree via some Apple program on the Ipad that I know nothing about. Technically challenged? You bet! (that would be FaceTime)

I took some pics of the dinghy for Kewalo, the oars and sails in the bags. Craig could not see these items when he came up to have a look at Kewalo, so pics will have to do until he comes up in the spring to close the deal. Yes, Kewalo is sold, Craig is from Connecticut, and was looking for a Bayfield 29 cutter rig. Ours fit his bill, and a deal has been struck. We will miss her, she was a stand out boat for us.

So, enough for today, I am sure that everyone is busy prepping for Christmas, as you should be! ….where does time go? On the 20th of this month, I have been retired for one year….and it has certainly been a busy one. This time next year….the Caribbean islands!!!

And his lady-friend

And his lady-friend

A handsome cardinal in our backyard

A handsome cardinal in our backyard

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Keep your stick on the ice!


8 thoughts on “Home for the Holidays

  1. Max and Donna!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours! We arrived quite late, and left early…one of those trips! Too late to call, and then up and away with the birds at first light…

    Hope to catch up with you soon on the boat!

    randy and beth


  2. Merry Christmas & A Happy, healthy New Year! Just Us is in Ft. Myers…Captain & Admiral in Michigan..I’m thinking we are away from home! Miss the boat, but the grand babies have us smiling! Safe travels!


  3. I am guessing you’re on your way south, leaving Florida before this horrid cold front moves in.
    Let us know when you’ve arrived and how it went.


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