Emerald Resort Marina

This is part of the Sandals chain…see here    http://www.sandals.com/main/emerald/em-marina/.  The marina is cut out of the coral base here on the island just north of Georgetown
This pic is taken from the marina looking across to a new residential development where the lot prices start at $225k U.S. and go up from there.  Wow!

Here is hull #1 from the Stevens 47 line up of 56 boats, according to the owners of this one, there are only 55 left, as one was sunk while being towed….
There are some very unique boats here, including a catamaran with triple forestays, fully dressed.


And there is a catamaran, with separate pod areas….perhaps used when the in laws are travelling with you?


The Canadian Navy must be here in this marina, at least 80% of the boats here are flying the Canadian flag, and most of them are out of Montreal!

Here is a shot of another Canadian yacht, which we waited on to exit West Bay entrance before we could enter the passageway……a wee bit of thing eh
63 Thank goodness we needed a spot to anchor

We even encountered a 60 foot Shannon sailboat, which has an aft deck much the same as most trawlers do
25 Boat Envy 3

The beaches here are very, very nice, and with the winds howling as they have since Wednesday when we arrived, they are very pretty to venture on…I’ll get some shots of that later from my photographer!
This poor fella only has 1200 Yamaha horsepower pushing this 42 footer….


A nice shot of Beth when she wasn’t feeling seasick…yup, you’ll have to move your screen, I’ll learn how to fix that issue someday…lol…you all know how technically challenged I am.

Sunrise on the boat in Emerald Bay Resort marina.

This is the entrance to the marina from one of the “smaller” docks…
Sunset taken from Moorahme through the starboard side glass after taking on some big waves, kind of a cool shot really…..
So, enough for now!  I’ll make sure to post pics of my younger brother that we discovered on Bimini LOL! next update.


6 thoughts on “Emerald Resort Marina

  1. so enjoy hearing your tails of adventure. So, are you burnt yet or have you kept all your clothes on whilst sailing? Have you explored the island, gone on any excursions? Are all systems working well?
    Three Staysails?? interesting.
    Yes that looks like the back of a trawler- hard to believe it’s wind powered.
    I hope Beth has gotten full time sealegs and is no longer bothered by seasickness.
    Aaron is down with bronchitis and wishing we were in the sun. It’s warm here today-71 but a bit over cast- I need some serious sun to do away with these winter blues.
    Keep sharing your adventure for us land lubbers.


  2. Hey Caroline!

    So sorry to hear that Aaron is sick…geesh, that sucks. Hope he is feeling better soon!
    We have walked the beach, and are planning on trying the restaurant at the resort next door tomorrow night for dinner. It has really warmed up here, but the winds have yet to drop off.

    Not too badly burnt yet, thank goodness for the full enclosure! You know that you are Aaron are welcome here with us anytime!

    And yes, that Shannon was one awesome sailboat!


  3. Randy, I snowshoed into St Clair Marina yesterday and found our boats peacefully in hibernation mode. Climbed aboard both Odyssey and Sea Gypsy closed my eyes and imagined being anchored off the beaches of Negril again….. This only lasted a few minutes as my ass started to freeze…lol
    Hey you going to anchor with the crowd at Stocking Island?
    Hi to Beth


    • There are almost 400 boats down at Georgetown, and with these high winds, all kinds of issues. Last report we had 15 boats were all tangled up due to dragging, a real zoo.

      We are going to stay away from that!

      Glad to hear all our northern boats are in hibernation mode…that’s a good thing, the water up there is a little on the solid side for now.

      We see it’s been cold! Ugggh! Beth’s kids are flying in for a week tomorrow, should be a lot of fun and I’m sure the week will pass by much too quickly.


  4. Loving your updates!
    Keep an eye out for Nalani, a 46′ Moody, like ours but with a blue hull and cutter rigged. We met them briefly while in Cape Coral and they were heading to Bahamas last Tuesday.
    Dave wants to know if you looked into flexible solar panels at all…that’s what he is considering installing on Luffin’Life and wondering if you have an opinion either way?
    Are you bringing Moorahme back to Canada this year or to Florida for the summer? Curious about your east coast comment…if Florida, what is the name of the marina in northern Florida you plan on using?

    Enviously yours 😉
    Marni and Dave


  5. We didn’t investigate the flexible panels, I wanted the solid frame type. Our buddy boat Remora installed some on their boat, when they catch up with us I’ll talk with John and Marcia about them and send the info on to you.

    We will be leaving Moorahme at Brunswick Landing Marina in Brunswick, Ga. Nice facility, floating cement docks, a recognized hurricane hole. We stayed there last year and became attached to the no seeums and smell from the pulp mills It is a good, well taken care of facility, and we trust the folks there.

    We will keep an eye out for Nalani!


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