Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic

As we near landfall, the smell of flowers greets us on the predawn breeze and as we get closer I detect the smell of smoke, inoffensive and almost like a pleasant cigar smell. The vegetation covered volcanic mountains are a nice change after the low shrubs and coral of The Bahamas.

Lush green mountains

Lush green mountains

Clearing into Customs and Immigration is quick and easy at this marina – everything is on site. There seems to be lots and lots of rules and money requests when it comes to leaving a port and entering another. Stopping at an anchorage (where there is no Customs) is not allowed. That means our next hop will have to be another overnight. Ahhggh!

Docked for a while

Docked for a while

The othe three boat left the following day for Samana, but I’m too tired to think straight. We miss the chance to get a  dispatcho so we can leave the marina and catch the small weather window. There will be high winds and big seas for the next week or so. So hear we stay.

This marina has lots of things to see and do. There is a sea lion show twice a day that we can hear from our dock.

The Casino at the Marina

The Casino at the Marina

A lovely big boat

A lovely big boat

Atop the casino is a lovely cigar bar with a magnificent view.

Bar staff - they make a mean Mojito

Bar staff – they make a mean Mojito

The view from the bar

The view from the bar


Olivia - performing

Olivia – performing


This young man and Randy had an animated Spanglish conversation about baseball players, boxers and wrestles. Sports – universal guyspeek.



3 thoughts on “Dominican Republic

    • It is discouraged. The rules we were told are…that you have to go to customs to let them know when you stop someplace and will need to go to customs to get a dispatcho to leave. You can not leave before 6am and not after 8 pm. Noonsite and active captain have comments from people who have anchored and they are visited by the commandante and often have to pay for the harassment.

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