Ocean World Marina – boats, staff and the area

IMG_2921Well, we are still here at Ocean World Marina, just 4 miles west of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. The wind Gods have been howling pretty much ever since we arrived, and they are howling big time. This marina has a huge rock breakwall, I would estimate 25 feet thick and at least 25 feet high. The waves have lopped over the wall at times, pretty impressive to see. The rollers/waves at the channel entrance are just as impressive! The staff here are super friendly. It is a pretty good hike from the office area to Moorahme, and if they see you walking they are quick to pick you up in their golf cart and give you a ride back to the boat. The laundry facility here is impressive, and we took advantage of it and had our laundry done.

Moorahme is on a “T” dock. A “T” dock is at the very end of a dock, and offers very easy accessibility. The only issue though, is that you can’t tie the boat off on both sides….so there is a wee bit of rockin’ and rollin’ going on what with the ocean surge and the high winds…but nothing we can’t handle! A local here saw that we had no chafe protection for our dock lines, and was quick to offer me a great deal on some cut up fire hose…so now we have chafe protection! Yeehaw!

Moorahme at the T-dock

Moorahme at the T-dock

We have discovered a great restaurant/bar. Chris and Mady’s is an easy walk, and their curry dishes are amazing! They also rent out one and two bedroom condos, at a very cheap rate. It isn’t the Ritz, but clean, right across the street from the beach, and within staggering distance of great food! And cold cervezas! Check them out here…….www.chrisandmady.com for a cheap, fun vacation. Chris relocated here 30 years ago from Winnipeg, Manitoba…..he chuckles when he relates that he turns the heat on in the car if it is 75 F or cooler. LOL!

All of the sailboats that have departed the marina are heading to the Bahamas, Cuba, Florida….not one has arrived to head to Puerto Rico. Kind of strange……We hope to depart either Monday or Tuesday for Samana. This will be an overnight passage of about 18 hours duration…..so not a long run by our standards. At night the cool winds drop down from the mountains along the shoreline and create what is referred to as “catabatic” winds, which will help us along our route with their offshore push. I actually think I may have to put on a pair of jeans and a long sleeved shirt for this one…it does kind of cool off at around 4 a.m., which makes sleeping rather nice! But, no sleeping when on passage, at least not when it’s my shift.

There are some awesome boats here….a sixty foot Abeking-Rasmussen with an 8 member crew…all female! Lucky captain! They will depart for Cuba probably on Thursday. A Bayfield 32 from Quebec departed for the Turks and Caicos yesterday afternoon, their ultimate destination Florida. They took quite a beating getting out the channel, there are some big rollers and swells coming in these days, but they made it out fine and went merrily along their way. The sailboat beside us is from France…they were quick to point out that we had only half a Canadian flag when we arrived..so Beth and I hoisted our last spare. When we arrive in Puerto Rico we will order some replacements from Amazon, and we’ll also order some various parts and replacement items as well. There is also a French made aluminum sailboat here, I was told that it was a Canadian owned boat, but last night when we walked by the boat we could hear nothing but Spanish….I guess they could be Spanish speaking Canucks?

Tomorrow we will go on a tour of the area….hopefully enjoy the cable car if it is not too windy, tour a cigar factory, a rum factory, and whatever else our guide decides we should see. We are not going to rent a car here. Why you wonder? Driving here is incredible. No rules! There can’t be any laws or rules. It is pure mayhem..and yet everyone seems to get through it ok. We will hire a driver and let him worry about the traffic, which will be even worse due to the upcoming countrywide election and the president being in town campaigning.

It is a beauty day here so far, time to get up and at ’em. LOL…methinks Beth wants a pool day, and so it will be. The sun is up, very few clouds in the sky!

Keep your stick on the ice!


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