And It’s a great place for visitors in February, March, April and May!

Its cold in Canada !

Flights to Antigua are easy!

We had been going to leave Antigua, but… liked it so much we had tons of friends and family come visit. I’ll hit the highlights that I have pictures of.

Sunset Jolly Beach

We saw Dave & Erin Townley as well as Linda Thompson  in February. Jennifer Whitfield and then Brian and Mary Pont back to back in March.  April brought friends from Northern Ontario, Robert and Nancy Menard and then my daughter Courtney. My big little brother, Bruce came in May just before we packed up!

They come for the sunsets

And stay for the food! Lobster Dinner

Mmm, crepes for breakfast

Classic Yacht Regatta. The oldest boat was from 1911!

Another antique- I mean classic! Bruce – suck it in!

In the midst of all this marvellous company we tore out the old seat cushions and had them recovered! We must be crazy! 😜

Salon Torn apart

Salon with new cushions


With my baby girl at Betty’s Hope

Dingy into shore

Moorahme out of the sea for the summer!

Great sunsets, lots of yummy food and the best visitors! Life is good on our boat!


5 thoughts on “And It’s a great place for visitors in February, March, April and May!

  1. it`s great to hear from you my friend.glad it`s going so well. all good here also. a lot of smoke in the okanagan this summer you mite have heard about all the fires . never a threat to us.i was back home on the bike for the month of jun. my last cross country run & my best. crossed canada in my friends toy hauler motor home that was cool. then road from montreal to london to st.thomas to windsor to Detroit & back to bc thru the states. could have used your company.i was alone. it was a good ride but i had to were my wet suit to keep warm for 3 out of the 4 day run home. no rain just cold & very windy. we lost doughnut joe yesterday . heard he was not well when i was in windsor he was in I.C.U. denise & i are very happy out here & in good health. lol. one of my sisters moved in 3 doors down the street cool. she is nuttier than me. this is the same sister the cops busted last year in yellowstone park for sleeping in her car. when they shined their lite in the window she was wearing a bunny rabbit suit to keep warm that she had forgotten to leave at home. lol there is a lot more to this story. its wounderful having her here. well gota go know. love to you both take good care my friends.
    sincerely mitch & niece


  2. Hi there Randy and Beth. We are hunkered down in Sydney in a club where the docks are a bit old and watching the 42′ Benneteau beside us get blown up against our curtesy fenders and thinking about you! Where are you right now with all the weather down there? I hope you are safe. Heather and David


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