Jig – some more

Crossing the Mackinaw Bridge in a car is a little scary (it was also freaky on the motorcycle) but crossing it in a 38 foot motor coach is an experience . Randy says his knuckles were white all the way across!

Catching up with Jim and Rhonda was great. They toured us around their section of Michigan. We ate fresh black cherries – spectacular! Had ice cream in Ludington – Mmmm!

Ice cream in Ludington

And generally had so much fun I forgot to take pictures!

Back to Ontario – yup, cross that big ol’  bridge again. We visited with friends from New Mexico  who have a beautiful island on Lake Lauzon. It was a bittersweet reunion as Army , the family patriarch and all round charming man, passed away this year. But we shared lots of good stories and great food.

Sunset on Lake Lauzon


Back in Windsor, we decided that not having a vehicle was inconvenient, so we bought an old Jeep TJ. She bounces like a rabbit on even the slightest bumps! she’s fun!

TJ Toad!

It has been a crazy year for weather. We spent a lot of time watching the weather and the hurricanes. Off to the north east for our next trip. Randy’s cousin Irene and her love Brian invited us to their wedding in Campbellford.  There were a whole lot of Lawson’s in one place! My son lives in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa. The area has tons of museums and lots and lots of green space with hiking and biking trails! Westley Clover Park is a lovely campground just 15 minutes from downtown Ottawa. It’s nicely treed and has great hiking trails nearby. The canal system also has a great walkway along its banks. On our way home from Ottawa, we stopped in Belleville at Birdy’s Restaurant. Our friend Tina owns and runs it. The menu had so many good things on it we both had trouble deciding. Tina sat to visit and had lunch with us. She made some recommendations that helped narrow it down but we definitely want to go back next year and try more. If you’re anywhere near Belleville Ontario, make it a destination. Belleville is very pretty and Birdy’s is delish!


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