Us; Safe in Canada – Moorahme; OK but Scary Weather

It has been a crazy year for weather.

Our hearts are breaking for the beautiful people in the Caribbean islands that we have come to love. They have suffered not one but two cat 5 hurricanes within weeks of each other. It sounds like our friends are safe and making the best of a bad situation. They say, the lessons they learned conserving water and energy on a boat has helped. But living without clean water and electricity is really tough.

We are relieved to report that Moorahme seems to have come through Irma and Maria OK. We haven’t seen her ourselves and will feel better when we do. But our friends in Antigua say she looks fine!

We were glued to the tv and computers as Irma came within 40 miles north of where Moorahme is up on dry land in English Harbour.  Then again two weeks later as Maria cut a swath of distraction 80 miles to the south. Randy did his homework and chose the place we felt would keep her safest. After all,  Admiral Nelson kept the British Fleet there for most of the 18th century.

Windsor had its share of bad weather too. Many areas were flooded, including Courtney’s street.

Flooding in Windsr

Off to the north east for our next trip.

Randy’s cousin Irene and her love Brian invited us to their wedding in Campbellford. There were a whole lot of Lawson’s in one place!

Randy & Cousin Irene at her wedding

With cousins Brenda & Al

& second cousin Ariel

My son lives in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa. The area has tons of museums as well as green space with hiking and biking trails!

Westley Clover Park is a lovely campground just 15 minutes from downtown Ottawa. It’s nicely treed and has great hiking trails nearby.

Maman- Ottawa Art

Passing by the parliament buildings

At Mckenzie Kings Estate in Gatineau

A walking stick bug

Pretty veggies at the Byward Market

The canal system also has a great walkway along its banks.

The Rideau Canal

On our way home from Ottawa, we stopped in Belleville at Birdy’s Restaurant. Our friend Tina owns and runs it. The menu had so many good things on it we both had trouble deciding. Tina sat to visit and had lunch with us. She made some recommendations that helped narrow it down but we definitely want to go back next year and try more. If you’re anywhere near Belleville Ontario, make it a destination. Belleville is very pretty and Birdy’s is delish!


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