A Month in Antigua

Well, the plan was to leave and visit some more islands. But things move slowly (sometimes painfully so) here. Randy broke a tooth December 22. So, went to the dentist. He needed a crown, and so the process began.

I arrived December 28. We got organized, waited for the temporary crown, visited with friends, got measured for the permanent crown. While we waited we finally got off the mooring ball and anchored at Five Island Bay. One of our favourite spots.

Back at Five Islands Bay Jan 2018

The first day there I was able to try out my Christmas gift from Randy. Even as an adult sometime there is some assembly required! Randy kindly inflated my Stand Up Paddleboard and I was off!

First paddle on my Christmas present from Randy

Our friends were with us, so lots of fun get together and good food. Like us they are anxious to be on the move.


The weather was great for sailing and a big blow was on its way later in the week. So off they went – we’ll catch up soon!

The Fraser’s leaving for Nevis

We had word that the crown was in ! So we came into the marina. So Randy could take a bus to town the next day. In the meantime we met friends at Jolly Beach for sundowners. Mmmm, Rhum Punch!

January 2018 The sunset at Jolly Beach never gets old

Our plan….get the crown, wait out the blow in the marina, rotate the anchor chain, and be on our way in a few days.


The crown attached to the mounting no problem but the tooth was too high, Randy couldn’t bite. The dentist filed it. The dentist filed a hole in it! More measuring and pulling, poking and prodding. All of which this dentist manages to make very painful – He might be the inspiration for Orin Scrivello DDS, in Little Shop of Horrors. And we waiting some more; probably just as well Randy’s mouth needs time to heal.

We took the opportunity to go to the Windward side of the island while the wind was building. They weren’t 18 ft yet, but the  waves were still pretty cool and any ships we saw were bouncing away.

Big waves at The Devils Bridge

Unfortunately, Randy’s allotted time in Antigua is coming to an end and more bad weather is on the way. Will the tooth get here in time? Will we get out in time?





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