Summer 2018 Part 2

From Thessalon, we traveled to Sudbury to visit Deb & Rolly. We intended to stay one night but we were having so much fun we stayed two and forgot to take pictures!

Then on to Huntsville area to visit friends and fellow Stevens owners Kim & Adam Grin and their children Carl and Ellie at their Winning Techniques Summer Camp.

Next up – Lawson Family Reunion.

Lawson cousins

On to Ottawa to see Beth’s son Rob and his wife Jackie.

Stand Up Paddling on the Ottawa River – a fun day!

Do the hokie-pokie and turn ourselves around. Stouffville to catch up with friends -Jeff, Shelly, Courtney &Skylar Campbell  and Sherry Howard.

Tubing at Elora Gorge

Niagara Falls to visit more family – the Stenhouses

And back to A’burg in time for Thanksgiving!

The Park closes November 1 for the season so off to St Thomas to tuck Motorme in for the winter. Well possibly for part of the winter – new plans maybe a foot……



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