We are Randy and Beth Lawson.

Currently – sailing a Stevens 47 Center Cockpit –  named Kealli – soon to be Moorahme; there  is a renaming ceremony in our future.

The Captain Morgan stance ??

The Captain Morgan stance?


How’d we come up with that name?

We were visiting our boating friends, Jim and Rhonda, who picked us in their dinghy at Bootkey harbour docks. Except for Randy, everyone, including the dog,was in the dinghy, sitting level at the dock …then Randy got in and the boat listed to the side on which he just sat. Randy said, “That wouldn’t have happened a few years ago; now there’s more a me. Hey that would be a good name for our new bigger boat? and I said ” and we can name the dinghy less a me. So we played with the spelling/lettering and decided to spell it Moorahme. There’s more of both of us, there’s more boat and we will be staying at many mooring balls.  So Moorahme it is.


Sailing the Bayfield 29 Cutter rig – named Kewalo.


Spent the summer 2014 sailing a Kewalo, Bayfield 29,  in the north channel of Lake Huron.

Destination – as many Caribbean Islands as we can sail to.

We live in Windsor, Ontario. Beth is a lifelong Windsor native and Randy was born in Niagara Falls but lived most of his life in Elliot Lake and Blind River before moving to Windsor.





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10 thoughts on “About

  1. Aaron and I are looking forward to meeting you when you come down shortly to start your new adventure. I see lots more blog posts in your future so we can follow you as you get settled in your new boat and start the live aboard life.


  2. Hello Canadian Pirates! It’s Logan, from some stormy harbor along the eastern shores of Michigan. I hope I am not too late getting to NOLA to see you guys and the new vessel!(?) I am on the Lower Mississippi now, in Vicksburg and will be docked in NOLA by the end of this month. Hope to see you still! Send me an email


  3. Hello Captains- This is Greg from Coastal Canvas in PCola how’s it going?
    Randy I have a personal question for you. I really don’t mind if Beth hear or sees it.
    Are listening to my cd EVERY Sunday morn????
    email back or call at your pleasure
    Peace and smooth sailing
    oh year i made the pics of Roxy


    • Greg!

      Wish I had a voice like yours my friend, absolutely awesome! And yes, we not only listen to your CD on Sundays, but any day that we require inspiration and motivation…that’s what your CD does for us!

      Miss all great folks from Coastal Canvas, and of course, Roxie as well!

      Take care my friend…we will return to Pensacola one day!


  4. Hey guys!

    Guess what, we’ve got good news. Brunswick Landing Marina has just finished installing ‘acoustic panels’ over the areas in the lounge with the noise issues. You can now enjoy your free wine (and they are offering free beer now too) without having to scream to talk to each other!


  5. Anyone who likes the North Channel will also like these 2 items:

    (1) Check out the Alex McKnight series of mystery novels by Steve Hamilton.
    See: http://authorstevehamilton.com
    His stories are based in the U.P. and several even mention Blind River [in his novel: “Blood is the Sky”] and the Soo.

    (2) Also, Blind River native Christianne Kearns has a music CD “Algoma” for sale at the Timber Village Museum in Blind River, Ontario [along Highway 17]. Great CD, feels very “Northern Ontario.”
    See: http://algoma.bandcamp.com/releases
    [You can also search YouTube for music videos for her songs “Casino” and “Blind River”.]



  6. I was researching some overheating problems on the internet and came across your blog here. It’s so cool what you are doing and documenting it! Cheers to living life to its fullest and experiencing grand adventures along the way. Cheers and Godspeed!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi there…. We are Canadians (London and Waterloo area) staying at a condo in Jolly Bay Harbour. You just picked up a mooring ball, right across from where we are staying. We noticed your Canadian flag, and that your boat is from Windsor, Ontario. We also have a sailboat back home – a 31 ft Niagara (Ariel 1) that is registered in Windsor, Ontario. We currently sail out of Bayfield Harbour on Lake Huron. I read some of your travel adventures. You have certainly had quite a voyage down here in the Caribbean. Just last week we met Canadians out of Toronto, on their Niagara 35ft sailboat (Silverheels III) Ken & Lynn Goodings, very nice folks. There also seems to be a large contingent of Canadians in the condo complex. The people 2 down from us with the sailboat Ocean Harmony, are from Victoria BC. It’s a small world after all! We wish you fair winds and safe sailing. Cheers, Edward & Jane


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