Just an Idea

For the first 6 years of our marriage we spent every vacation, weekend and holiday (in warm weather) touring both Canada and the USA on a motorcycle.

Some of our friends were getting hurt, or worse and we were getting older. But…

We loved the breeze in our faces and seeing different places.

One February morning on a cruise ship, as we pulled into St. Thomas BVI we saw the sailboats in the harbour coming and going and bobbing on moorings. It looked peaceful with a hint of excitement. And…

They had the breeze in their faces and were seeing different places.

We started making our plans …and dock stocking.

We talked about starting with a small boat and moving up just before retirement. We started our search and told people about our plan. Our good friends Robert and Nancy happened to be selling Kewalo their Bayfield 29 – exactly what we were looking for.

In June 2011, we went up to Blind River to sail Kewalo back to Windsor. As we sailed back Randy kept our friends entertained with emails about our trip. Our friends all commented on how much they enjoyed the emails and that we should have a blog. The following posts are Randy’s emails sent to our friends as we made our way south.


During the last year we’ve been looking for a bigger boat to sailing around in the Caribbean islands. In June 2014 we found a boat in Pensacola Florida and worked out a deal, had the new-to-us boat surveyed and met the owners. Everything went well. But we were sailing in Lake Huron’s North Channel when it all came together. So we sailed our way home to Windsor Ontario, so we could start sailing our new boat. While we were searching Randy again sent email updates to our friend who have all encouraged him to write. So we’ve started this blog and will post as many of the looking for “the” boat messages as we can find. In the meantime,  we’ve post a bit about our summer trip.


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