Escape from Chicken Harbour

George Town has the reputation of being the place where people stop heading south. Nicknamed Chicken Harbour for those who decide it’s too scary, too far, too bumpy, too something to go farther. For many it is the intended destination and it’s certainly comfortable and fun for those who stay.

We planned to go farther – but it was tempting to stay….

We sailed to Calabash Bay, Long Island – still in the Bahamas.

Sunset - Calabash Bay, Long Island, Fhe Bahamas

Sunset – Calabash Bay, Long Island, Fhe Bahamas


We planned to meet up with Irene and Gary on St. Somewhere. They arrived just a few hours after us and then we were surprised to see Tom and Sandy on Renaissance II sail in.

We had cocktail on Moorahme and made plans to sail to Mayaguana the next day and following night.

It was a lovely sail during the day but the wave kicked up and made for an uncomfortable night. St. Somewhere stopped at a different Island to carry on to Turks and Caicos the next day.

We followed Renaissance II to Abrahms Bay, Mayaguana (still in the Bahamas) arriving about noon. Five hours longer than planned.

Sunset at Abrahams Bay

Sunset at Abrahams Bay

We went to bed early after letting RenaissanceII know we’d be leaving about 3am. They have a much faster boat so they said they leave around 6 and meet us there. We woke up at 1 and set off . Always fun trying to leave an anchorage in the dark.

Made it to Turks and Caicos by noon! Yay – finally out of The Bahamas!